Short Story: Cryo-Chamber

A very short story

I’m going through my doodles of words that form sentences, paragraphs & prose. Here is one I thought was interesting enough to post.

The CryroChamber

It felt like taking a large breath of fresh air for the first time. Lungs filled up pushing against ribs and muscles that had not moved in years. Blood began to stir and move faster in veins, currents began to transfer information between neurons again. The body was awakening, slowly as the cryogenic chamber increased the oxygen, increased the temperature, adjusted the pressure to match the pressure in the exterior chamber. The instruments began to read as if someone was watching them, as if anyone was alive to observe the re-animation of the human being.

The tingling of feeling began in the heart, she could hear the beating of her heart long before she could hear the soft hum of the instruments that were awakening her. Even though she had no control of her body she could feel her lungs adjust and expand with air and then release. It was hard for her to understand what was going on, memories were dim and blurred to her just awoken mind.

Her chest warmed up, her shoulders could move. Her eyes opened and she saw a window covered in condensation. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light inside her cryochamber the computers which were monitoring her vitals began to record. Programs began to calculate in the ships database and the chamber opened with a pop of air filtration system and the release of pressure. Her vision was filled with shadows illuminated only by computer screens.

She tried to piece together what had happened, where she was, and why she was there. It was hard for her to remember, for something traumatic had happened to her right before she was placed in the chamber; something that she had tried to forget before she had gone under cryosleep. She remembered pain, more emotional then physical, anger, sadness, and regret. A voice yelling at her to stop, but she had no control of her body’s movements or actions, then the voices had stopped.

She could turn her head, but her arms and legs were still not responding. Had The ship been damage, most of the lights that should have been illuminating the chamber she was in were out. The computer screens were the only light she could detect at the angle her body was in. She was elevated it felt like, at least from the gravity her body was feeling, and she was facing more towards the ceiling then towards the floor. Her bodies adjustment was getting more natural as she began to move her toes and fingers. Her mouth twitched up into a smile, she heard a series of beeping from a computer near by and heard another pop of a chamber. She realized that she was not the only one who survived, what ever it was they had been through. She felt relief, then a strong sense of curiosity to find out who it was. She felt anxious at the prospect of certain people surviving over others, yet she did not know why should would want one person to live over another.

Again she realized it depended on the memories that were still too hazy and confusing for her to figure out. Something bad had happened, cataclysmically bad. However it had only happened to certain people, she remembered watching as people left for something, they were sad that they were leaving but hopeful for a quick recovery.

Recovery from what? She asked herself as her mind began to bring back bits and pieces of memory for her to piece together and make sense of. She was in a large chamber, more like a warehouse with other women. They all looked sick, underfed, and scared. No men, there had been no men around at all. She remembered moving through corridors and into smaller rooms: eating and sleeping. They had injected her with something, the women had all been sick and they were there to be cured. The men were waiting for them to come home cured and well again.

Something was not right though. The women did not know why but they were not allowed to talk to there husbands, brothers, sons, or fathers. The scientist, who never showed there faces, would not allow them to contact anyone outside the facility. The injections began to show signs of a rash, then the pain began. They were placed into rooms isolated with only the echoes of others to inform them that they were not completely alone.

Memories were blurry after the pain began, she remembered being strapped into something mechanical. She remembered being told who her enemy was and that she had to protect her family from them. She watched with complete detachment as she used weapons that were not man made.

There was a Metallic taste in her mouth, her head turned as she watched for movement. She heard the mechanics & gears of her mech-gear move with her.  She saw her target, a man in green camouflage.  He ran towards her brandishing a small pistol as if that could defeat her.  She aimed slowly letting the man get closer, she heard voices in her ear.  She pulled the trigger and…

She shook her head at the ridiculous memories. Why would she be piloting weapons against men? That’s absurd she must still be affected by the cryo-sleep. She clenched her hand and realized she had most of her motor skills back. She twisted her wrist enough that she could push on the release to remove the straps that were holding her in to the cryochamber.

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