Known Good Geek Cast 53

Hello Listeners:

I review Justice League Dark, spoiler: I loved it! Hollywood & DCEU news discussions.

Thank you & enjoy!


Known Good Geek Cast Episode 53


[x] Justice League Dark-
Hollywood News:

[x] Suicide Squad nominated for best make-up 1st DCEU film 2b nominated.

[x] Music Meister Darren Criss another Glee alum cast in Flash/Supergirl music episode

Music Meister to be Played by Darren Criss on The Flash

[x] Tomb Raider Started production
Production Has Begun On The New Tomb Raider Movie

[x] Logan Trailer-

[x] Power Rangers Trailer-


[x] Solo Black Adam film/SHAZAM w/o BA film

Shazam To Split Into Two Films: Dwayne Johnson To Star As ‘Black Adam’ | Deadline

[x] GL Shortlist-

‘Green Lantern’ Shortlist Has Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhall

[x] Joby Harold to Do Rewrite on ‘The Flash’ Script | Variety

[x] James Wan tweeted:


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