Known Good Geek Cast 52

Hello Listeners,

Reviews of Holiday released films, Injustice Game trailer. Discussing some of the bits of DCEU news: Rock promotes DCEU, Green Lantern Corp, Batman 2019?, pictures from Justice League & Wonder Woman.


Known Good Geek Cast Episode 52

[x] Star Wars- 7/10- Ok Satisfactory

[x] La La Land- 6/10- Disappointing

[x] Assassin’s Creed- 8/10- Surprisingly entertaining

[x] Sing- 7/10- Entertaining if not simple in concept & Plot

[x] Hidden Figures- 9/10- Best film I’ve seen in months!

[x] Series of Unfortunate Events- 5/10- Meh, very slow like the film before it…but that’s the books for you too, they were slow to get moving away from repetitive story.


[x] Injustice 2 game trailer

[x] Lego Batman soon!

[x] The Rock promotes tonal shift in DCEU, rumors circulate of SHAZAM being fast tracked

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