A Geek, a woman, a feminist

I am just a geek in girl’s clothing. When a fellow woman is harassed for writing a strong female character who talks about feminism, then I take personal offense. Let me tell you my story so you may understand why I think it matters. Don’t comic book character’s origins always mold their thoughts, feelings and actions in present day adventures? 

My father would not walk my sister down the isle at her wedding because in his words “she is not my property”, my mother at the time of her marriage had already written multiple science papers in her name so she didn’t change it, and my grandmother lived until 103 by herself in the house her husband and she built for themselves on banks of Mississippi. My mother treats my brother’s mother, my father’s ex-wife, with dignity, respect & friendship. Am I bragging? Yes! Why is it so bad to have parents that are kind? 

My parents accepted my sister’s girlfriend a beautiful strong African American woman into their lives like they would have a boyfriend. My sister has been married to her girlfriend for a year now, they just bought a house & own two rambunctious dogs. They are teachers at a local county college & make cakes on the side for a living. Are they living the American dream? Sure. 

My mother has written 31 manuscripts or scientific journal articles so far, she is writing all the time, she has written my entire life. My father has written college textbooks (my chemistry lab book in freshmen college). That textbook got him invited to Cuba & Panama. My mother’s research got her invited to Japan. 

My mother has a lab in a University Medical school where she hires woman of color and immigrants to help in her lab. When she was just getting started in Medical school, the only women run lab at her college hired her as an intern, she aspired to do that one day when she had her own lab. At least 2 woman have gone through medical school with her help, have become American citizens and gone on to became successful in their field of study. I aspire to help women in that way, to help all women become successful in their field. 

I personally am a woman with aspiration to one day be a educator of computer science in elementary school. At the moment I am a contractor for the government helping seeing impaired work with technology that is barely 508 compliant. My last job was at a company who most of you are probably reading this on one of their most popular products. I saw men and women get promoted and move through the system from specialist to manager. My mentor at this job was an African American woman who took me under her wing and treated me with respect. My current client is an African American woman who is coaching me to meet my goals for my self in life & in the workplace. 

I am a proud descendant of a mayflower immigrant or pilgrim as the history books called them. My family has many historians, those paid to teach history and those paid to write about it. We can trace our ancestors to the mayflower. Does that make me anymore relevant to talk about feminism, racism, & discrimination in the United States? Some would argue I have no place because I haven’t known any struggle. If you do not wish to read, hear, or see my thoughts on these subjects then don’t read, listen or follow me on social media. I am not forcing you to listen or read my thoughts, as you are not forcing me to care if I offend you for caring about the problems of the world around me.  

This page was not meant to bring in politics, but it seems I may have found something I can not stay quiet on any longer. With my small pay that is not being used for food, gas, & rent I buy books written/illustrated by women and people of color. I try to give to indiegogo and kickstarter campaigns when I have money to spare. However that money is thinning out and to look beyond the next paycheck to believe that I will be able to give to the next project is hard for me to predict. I will do my part and I only ask if you were able to make it this far in this ‘rant’, to try and give as well.  

I know today was not the first time someone was harassed into leaving social media. I know it wont be the last, but to me it was the straw that broke the silence. I am not sure I will speak on this any longer then 140 character tweets ever again. 

I just wanted to put my thoughts down and here they are

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