Known Good GeekCast Episode 43

Matt & Christina Discuss the films they are looking forward to seeing in the fall: Arrival, Assassin’s Creed, La La Land, Moana, Rogue One, Nocturnal Animals, & Passengers. Enjoy!

NewImageforKGGCOVERKnown Good Geekcast Episode 43

Arrival– Amy Adams smart sci-if incredibly excited
Assassin’s Creed-action films that is ‘looking’ epic so far
La La Land– right up my alley! Musical that everyone says is magical & beautiful!
Moana– creator of Hamilton wrote the music, that alone makes me want to see this film
Rogue One– can’t be a geek show without mentioning the geek culture event of December lol!
Nocturnal Animals– huge list of great actors starting with Amy Adams
Passengers– Jenifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt sci-fi romance/ tragedy?

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