Known Good GeekCast Episode 41

We discuss all the latest DCEU news, Deathstroke, Jk on Gordon & Geoff Johns on JL. Then Christina reviews Pete’s Dragon and follows up with a discussion of Boy & their Dog movies. Thank you for listening I hope you enjoy!




Known Good Geek Episode 41

New video from the group, mostly Ezra talking! But it’s cool none the less!

EW article quote from JK about his role
Conroy & Hammill want to do Hush & Death of the Family animated films next!
Joe is Deathstroke confirmed by Geoff Johns
Black lightning on Fox
Geoff Johns speaks about JL

Wrinkle in Time- Gets 2 new actors landing Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling


Boy & Their Dog Films:

Flipper, Free Willy, Buddy, How to train your Dragon, ET, Monster’s Inc (unique), Lassie (classic), Turner & Hooch (even adults have same plot), Black Beauty/Stallion (best horse version), because of win Dixie, Luke & r2-d2.

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