Review: Movie: Finding Dory

We seem to be in a time where Disney thinks rehashing old animated films into live action films and doing sequels of older films is a good money making process.  I wouldn’t complain so much if Disney’s track record on sequels this year hadn’t been so bad, Marvel’s sequel to the best Marvel film of all time was to me unsatisfying and now Finding Dory disappoints.

I am a fan of the themes in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.  We have a husband who was widowed early and lost everyone except one child.  He is a single father, first single father for Disney since Cinderella. Now like Cinderella the Father is not alone for very long, but that is where the parallels end.  In Finding Nemo and Finding Dory the female protagonist is not an evil step-mother who brings her own children along to hurt the child of the father, we have Dory.  Dory is a fish with a short-term memory issue and very positive attitude.  So positive that she takes a man who is mistrusting and very over protective and teaches him how to trust others and trust his instincts.  What would Dory do, was a repeated line that everyone by the end of the story had stated at least once. I will not tell you the end because that would be a spoiler, but the theme of family is very important.

However my enjoyment of the movie ends at its themes.  Where Toy Story 2 brought back everyone we loved and added more giving us a background to a character and a meaning and purpose, Dory for me fell flat before it reached that goal.  I was not impressed with the story, though it was heartwarming and designed to pull at the heart strings it wasn’t Inside Out.  Its themes were there but not as important as Zootopia’s themes.

If you wish to see an enjoyable, ok, Disney sequel this summer Finding Dory is for you.  If not, stay home and watch Zootopia, Inside Out & the Toy Story franchise they are far more enjoyable and are of better quality.

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