Finding Dory (2016) Review!

You are much more thoughtful in your review than I am thats for sure. Thanks for the review on my page!
I definitely see where you are coming from. As Nemo was not my Pixar movie of importance the Original Toy Story was, as you say the bar is set much higher. I liked Nemo for the reasons I mentioned the unique family theme but other then that, it is not in my top five Pixar films (Toy Story takes 3 spots, Up & Incredibles the other 2). So indeed not their best but definitely not Cars 2 (shiver). So thanks again for the review on my blog! Look forward to read more from you!


Let me just say I totally called it. When I was eight I thought up the premise and title for this one. I’ll take 10% royalty, Pixar.

finding-doryOn Father’s Day 2003 my dad and I went to see Finding Nemo. It became an instant favorite of mine and one of my “go-to” movies in childhood. I only ever owned six movies as a kid- The original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, A Bug’s Life, and Nemo. (I’ve lost all of them since, and currently only have Tangled.) I’ve seen it to the point where it should really stop being entertaining by now, but it’s not. It’s one of Pixar’s most acclaimed movies for a reason. The humor, the heart, the pacing, the characters were all nearly perfect. And the animation was game-changing. It’s been thirteen years since then. I’m in my twenties. My brother, not even…

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