Known Good Geekcast 31

Hello Geeks & Nerds:

In this episode we talk about all the new Rebirth DC Comics. What it means for the greater DCFilms. We discuss new information on CW’s DCTV shows like Supergirl’s new cast for Season 2 & why certain character coming to TV is important but not as significant as some might think. We talk DCFilms especially the news on Flash’s new director. E3 is starting soon news has come of Injustice 2 trailer & the Tell Tale Batman Game. There will be a 1 night only release of the Killing Joke later this month & a music video with Jared as Joker coming soon as well. The next film after the Killing Joke will be Justice League Dark, Detective Chimp? Is this a replacement for the live action one? Or will this be in the current Animated Universe? No one knows but probably will find out during SDCC.


Known Good Geekcast 31-BatFlick & Rebirth #1s

 Non-DC News/Reviews:

  • Injustice 2 trailer!
  • Comic Book Reviews this week:
    • Batman Rebirth # 1- Duke practices with Bruce & Calendar Man gets a huge badass upgrade
    • Green Arrow Rebirth #1– Dinah Laurel Lance & Oliver Queen bicker, comment, & chat while saving orphans & falling in love (again)
    • Green Lantern Rebirth #1– We meet (again) Baz & Jesse the newest Green Lanterns and Hal forces them to work together cause he is leaving.
    • Aquaman Rebirth #1- Just a regular guy stuck in the middle of two cultures not accepted fully by either, King of Atlantis but also half- land dweller. Also great small moments between Mera & Arthur.
    •  Superman Rebirth #1- The new (old) Superman talks works with Lana to get the body of the old (new) superman.
    • Flash Rebirth #1– Meeting of Wally and Barry from Barry’s eyes & more troubles on the horizon for Central City.
    • Wonder Woman Rebirth #1- New costume and Wonder Woman discourse the things she thought she knew are not necessarily true.
    • Detective Comics # 934– Batman asks Batwoman to train Tim ‘Red Robin’ Drake, Stephenie ‘Spoiler’ Brown, Cass ‘Orphan’ Cane, & Clayface in a new group I am calling the BatSquad.
    • Action Comics #957- We see Jonathan being a kid, Lois being a mother & Clark being angry that his mortal enemy is wearing his family’s shield.

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