Zootopia Review


Zootopia is one of the best Disney films in the past few years. Not only does it make you feel for the main character Judy, she is not perfect & her mistakes make you feel for the other character Nick much more then you had at the beginning of the film. Zootopia is the city to live in & to aspire to be, at least that is what Judy Hopps thinks before she gets there. She is optimistic & gets through the trials of police academy to become her dream job: a police-animal-man-person-prey-woman-officer…


The character development, the leading ladies faults, the resolution & the epilogue bring this film to a nice conclusion that will make even the most stoic cynic smile. The undertone issues being brought to the surface like the war on drugs & diversity are easy to spot but also are hidden enough that it’s not as blatant as Pixar’s Wall-E. This film is a great family fun adventure, all ages will enjoy it & flock to it. I hope we get a sequel to learn where the insects & birds are.


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