Batman v Superman Spoiler Review


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice though defined by many as a comic book movie is so much more. This may bring up the problems in the film or just highlight how unique the film really is. To compare it to the DC’s 90’s film, Green Lantern, or Superman Return does it a true disservice. This film is the jumping off point for a huge franchise & like many others: Star Wars, Alien, Indiana Jones, Star Trek to name a few there are always films that divide the fans & critics. Batman v Superman seems to be that film.

I have already talked about my love of the characters portrayal in my non-spoiler review both on the podcast & on the site. The reasons why I have not given it a perfect score, why it is not the greatest film since Wizard of Oz, are very few.

The first hour & a half is cut differently then most films. We have many characters we are following & many plots that need to move to show motivation for all the leading men & women to end up where they are in the end. The cuts & certain scenes could have been shorter or less abrupt, but the dialogue I actually liked the most.

We know there is more the 30 minutes that we will see in the R-rated ultimate director’s cut of the film. I believe or hope that some of the issues I have like how Clark knew Bruce was Batman, will be resolved with these extra scenes. Also a character was filmed but cut from the theatrical release I hope to see that character, which many believe to be Barbara Gordon.

I will continue to defend the film. It is enjoyable and a great start to the DC extended universe. I’m am very excited for Suicide Squad & Wonder Woman.

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