Known Good Geekcast 19

Hello Geeks & Nerds,

This week we have some non-DC news to discuss! First my geek love of Nancy Drew shows heavily as I talk about my love for the character & hope that the news of a Pilot being filmed comes with a great show. CW is going strong & all in on Archie we discuss the potential of another CW drama taking over. New Power Rangers movie starts filming & we geek out over our favorite season of power rangers. We go nuts for the news that Nickelodeon is doing a Legends f the Hidden Temple made for tv movie. Then we dive deep into some DC news. Its still not known if it is true who is being killed off Arrow but I give my thoughts on the subject. Powerless is going forward with hiring some great comedic actors, I’m looking forward to the pilot of this show on NBC. More rumors of a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie spark our interest & we are happy to hear about the positivity around young justice season 3 fan campaign. We celebrate Superman & Zack Snyder’s birthday. Discuss the two OMAZE videos released with Jesse & Ben. We watch the new clip from Jimmy Kimmel & discuss the hilarious cut scene with Jesse, Henry, Ben, Matt & Jimmy. REMINDER: Tickets gone on sale they are selling out fast so buy them soon!



Known Good Geekcast 18

Non-DC News

  1. Nancy Drew Pilot in works from CBS
  2. Archie on CW
  3. Power Rangers Movie starts filming
  4. Legends of the Hidden Temple Made for TV movie on Nickelodeon

DC News

  1. Powerless new DC comedy on NBC
  2. Another rumor of a Booster Gold/ Blue Beetle film in production

OMAZE Video: Jesse


OMAZE video: Ben

Jimmy Kimmel New Clip

Jimmy Kimmel BvS Cut Scene

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