Known Good Geek Episode 14

Hello Known Good Geeks:

This week we discuss new Tv spots for Batman v Superman, the youtube list that we will add to overtime new footage gets released, new pictures from Empire magazine, short clip of Diana Prince in airplane, Pre-BvS comic released by Dr. Pepper, Chris pine spoke about Wonder Woman, new Lego poster, Zach Snyder interview in Famous Monster Magazine, merchandise, & news that Lois has an ‘action’ scene with Batman.  Links below for articles & youtube videos. Enjoy!


Known Good Geekcast Episode 14

TV Spot #3

TV Spot #4

Known Good Geekcast youtube List of DCEU trailers & Footage:

Diana Prince in Turkish Airline Promo:

Christ Pine talks about working with Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman

Zach Snyder Interview in Famous Monster Magazine


Batman v Superman articles in Empire Magazine


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