Known Good Geek Episode 7

Hello Readers & Listeners,

This is a very large episode not only do we discuss Captain America Civil War & Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just released trailers. We also discuss DCTV’s Supergirl & iZombie getting full seasons, Legends of Tomorrow characters & the potential for The Flash to crossover with Supergirl .  We also talk about Tell Tale’s announcement that they will be doing a Batman game & DC comics releasing a new compilation of Batman & Superman’s greatest fights. We also happened to add in a quick note on Star Wars excitement as well.  Below is a list of all the links, videos & trailers we discussed.  Hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays.


Episode Seven the Trailer Reactions

CW’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer:

Characters of Legends of Tomorrow:

White Canary: wiki

Atom: wiki

Captain Cold: wiki

Heat Wave: wiki

Hawkman: wiki

Hawkgirl: wiki

Firestorm: wiki

Tell Tale Batman Games trailer:

New Batman vs Superman compilation book: comixology / amazon / iTunes

Captain America: Civil War trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Everything from Force Awakens Media blitz that has been released so far:

My Captain America Civil War review

Comparing animated Bruce Wayne’s smile to Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne smile.

Mister Miracle: wiki

Big Barda: wiki

Darkseid: wiki

Doomsday: wiki

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