Review: Movie: Hunger Games Mockingly Part 2


This is the end of an era that was the height of young adult novels being adapted for the screen. Over the last 15 years audiences have been introduced to hobbits, elves, wizards, vampires & an archer from District 12. They have all subsequently broken records for the genre in fantasy (Lord of the Rings winning academy awards for best picture for Return of the King), the phenomenon that is the Harry Potter franchise can only be matched by Star Wars & Star Trek fandoms, same could be said for the Twilight phenomenon and of course Hunger Games the highest grossing female hero film of all time (Wizard of Oz doesn’t coun


I have enjoyed all the films subsequently, though the first one is always going to be the classic everyone remembers, like the Pirates of the Caribbean
. I read the books before the films came out at the encouragement of my sister and enjoyed them immensely.   I agree with most of the reviews that the last one does not hold up to the masterfully done third book & the commentary it holds on our society.  However if all of these film adaptations were held to the societal comments they are making at the time they were being written, the world &
the fandoms would be a very different place (Harry Potter movies would be buried as a failure). No we will hold the films up to the other films in the quartet not the far better written books.




The film starts immediately where the last one left off, with no
recollection of what had happened in the last 3 movies audiences might be taken back by the abruptness. We are back into District 13 & Katniss’s neck is still so
ar from the attack Peeta made on her at the end of the last movie.


I will not go into the plot in this review.  I write this as if I was speaking to you face-to-face, you want to know is it worth it to see, not my interpretation of the plot.  You wish to know does it hold up to the well done previous films, I would say yes it does. As I have said before not as good as the first but better then the third, as it ended abruptly & only was extended for monetary purposes like Hobbit, Twilight & Harry Potter before it.  It is worth seeing on the big screen, as most action movies today make great use of the IMAX-like The-Hunger-Games-Mockingjay-Part-2-Poster-Jenna-Malonequality of most theatre screens now-a-day. Unlike most action films blissfully the film is not 3D, none of them were and I for one am grateful. The best time to go for a bathroom break is right as they go underground.  I will not go beyond that.


The film unlike other action films, breaks into many genres.  You have a normal action-war movie where the hero moves in a war zone, fights sporadically & has an ensemble behind her for support. You also have a horror movie, this is where it gets difficult to not spoil the film.  I will say this, my horror film expert who loves the films/books and went to see the film with me did not think it was a good representation of a horror film. I personally jumped the first time, hid the second time & my heart skipped a beat the third time.  I do not like horror films.  Last we have a romance, built in tightly with all the action it is better then Twilight’s love ‘triangle’ and is nothing like any other forced action film we have seen before it.  The film ends ‘happier’ then the book, there is a conclusion likened to Sam’s ending in Return of the King.


hunger-games-mockingjay-part-2-character-posters-boggsIs Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 as good as the previous 3 films, no.  Is it good enough to see in the theaters, yes.  Will you enjoy it if you are a fan of the genre, books, and previous films yes. Do I recommend it, yes.

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