Known Good Geek Podcast Episode 4

Hello Readers & Listeners:

Batman: Bad Blood trailer discussion. We discuss the characters & plot of the new animated movie from DC Entertainment titled Batman: Bad Blood. The film will be coming out early next year & the trailer is available below.


Episode 4 Batman: Bad Blood Trailer Discussion

Links about what we talked about:

Batman: Bad Blood 


Son of Batman

iTunes / IMDB / DC Entertainment

Batman vs Robin

iTunes / IMDB / DC Comics

Court of Owls

Wiki / DC Comics

Batman & Robin (Grant Morrison)

Wiki / DC Comics


Wiki / DC Comics

Grayson #12

Wiki / DC Comics


Wiki / DC Comics


(edit correct: I was wrong about the first Batwing in the comics, read the wikipedia article to learn more about the character)

Wiki / DC Comics

Steven Blum

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