Review: Movie: Frozen

When I sat down in the theatre with my sister to watch the latest Disney animated studio film I anticipated being entertained like I was with the nostalgic Wreck-it-Ralph.  I had seen a sneak peak of some of the songs and knew the music would not disappoint. The main female leads, older sister Elsa played by the tony award winning Idina Menzel and Anna voiced by Kristen Bell (no relations) had proven in previous venues that they could sing. When I left the theatre I was happy that Disney finally had a story about two strong female characters and dare I say was better then Disney Pixar’s Brave. Frozen reminded me of the great Disney animated musicals like Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

The story of Frozen is based off of  the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale titled The Ice Queen. The Film revolves around the relationship between the two sisters who are princesses of a small but profitable kingdom. The animation reminded me of Little Mermaid because the story takes place in a coast town. The ice animated scenes were beautiful the only thing I miss is the ‘real’ feel of true hand drawn animation, but I know it is a dying art.

I have to admit I was a little surprised at the ending. The basic plot of family and love is built up very nicely and the ending like Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph finished all the extra plots with a nice bow. I liked that they used the facial expressions of the horse from Tangled for the reindeer in the film. I could see other familiar elements from Tangled and it felt like the stories were taking place in different kingdoms in the same world.

I recommend buying the soundtrack both Kristen and Idina individual and duet songs are beautiful. The two male voice leads: Han voiced by Santino Fontana and Kristoff voiced by Jonathan  Groff do a good job on their own duets with Kristen’s Anna. The comedy relief found in Olaf, the snowman, voiced by Josh Gad is hilarious and of course like any talking inanimate object in a Disney movie is the butt of most of the jokes (pun intended).

I recommend this film to any Disney fan, this is the perfect feel good movie of the season. It has no holiday flare what so ever, no need to avoid it if you don’t celebrate Dec 25th as a holiday. There are some beautiful scenes in the film. I did not see it in 3D and honestly don’t think it is needed. Bathroom breaks are best when Anna gets to the shop.

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