Review: Movie: Thor: The Dark World


My problem with Thor: The Dark World it is not with the movie it self but rather with the movie that introduced the Asgardian God to viewers. Thor (2011) had a romance that moved too quickly and Thor’s motivation in The Dark World is based off of that sloppily written romance. Because of that I can not invest my self into the main plot of the story. However because of Hiddelton’s performance as Loki and subsequently Hemsworth’s chemistry with him as Thor I could invest in the bromance plot. I also liked all the smart strong female characters in the movie. From the Asgardian mother and warriors, to Jane Foster and her intern; all the women showed control under pressure and the ability to take risks. I also liked that Thor allowed Jane to be a strong independent women when he needed an extra hand. Thor was unable to ultimately save the day with out a LOT of help from his friends both Asgardian and Human. After the Avengers the audience does not expect these heroes to be able to defeat aliens and monsters by themselves, why would they need to, their are others out there who could help, right? With out his pose of Asgardian warriors and human scientists Thor the hero would not have been able to save the day, I am fine with that. However I would have been happier if it was not based off of a badly written first movie.

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