Review: Movie: Man of Steel

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There are spoilers ahead you have been warned proceed with caution…

If you have read my other “hero” movie reviews you know that I am a huge fan of DC comics. I am a Batman fan and enjoyed Nolan’s interpretation of the character in the Dark Knight Trilogy. When I heard that Nolan was going to have some say in how Man of Steel was done I was excited. I could clearly see his influence in the story and plot. It was a lot more realistic, as much as an alien hidden on earth for 33 years could be. I was happy that Lois was shown as a strong smart young women, and was not tricked by glasses like so many other versions of Lois have been. I know original comic strip Lois suspected and no one believed her, I’m really talking about animated/live action versions here. I was also impressed with how much of the dying planet of Krypton was shown, like Batman Begins we see a lot more of Kal-El/Clark’s origin story then anything else. It takes almost a full hour before Clark knows “where he comes from” and puts on the suit. As a matter of fact, Lois finds out who he is almost at the same time as Clark does. 

As much as I enjoyed the movie there are also glaring issues, my father bringing up the most prominent, the unending violence of the last act. I have heard statements like Zack Snyder was channeling Michael Bay. I also noticed some lens flare that didn’t need to happen.The story was put together by placing flashbacks in the middle of adult Clark’s life. I would have liked to see more of the angry teenage Clark which we only catch of glimpse of in one of the many flash backs. Henry Cavill plays Clark/Kal-El very well and I am interested to see if he will play bumbling fool Clark at all in future movies. 

Russell Crowe as Jor-El was amazing I loved that they brought him in to the entire story, clearly he is as big an influence on Clark’s life as his human parents played by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. From Pa Kent’s admission that maybe Clark should have let his schoolmates die, to Ma Kent’s memorable encounter with Zod, they show that Clark was brought up in the best family Earth could offer. 

As strange as it is to have a Superman movie with no Lex or green K, it worked out very well. They explained his abilities because of the differences between Earth and Krypton’s sun and his weakness to Krypton because of being used to the Earth’s atmosphere. We saw no glowing green rock or bald angry mad-scientist billionaire and yet it worked out. 

I am anticipating who will play Lex Luther in the sequel, which I have no problem believing will happen. I also am interested in seeing more of Superman’s rogue gallery then just Lex, maybe Metallo or Braniac. Also the “easter eggs” indicating the connection to Bruce Wayne makes me believe a Justice League movie is not as impossible as DC fans thought before the movie was released. 

I recommend this movie to any fan of action, adventure, and superhero movies. Because of the high violence however I caution those who are going with younger children, though no blood is seen there is death and many buildings being destroyed. Also bathroom break is best done the second you see the superman suit on Cavill.

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