Review: Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Star Trek Into Darkness is the sequel to the 2009 box office hit Star Trek, which is a prequel and a complete rewrite of the cult classic turned franchise of the 1960’s TV Show. JJ Abrams successfully moved the franchise from impulse power to maximum warp with the 2009 re-boot. The sequel continues this trend, as a fan of the series and of the 2009 movie I was very happy with Into Darkness. 

The newest role on the roster of the characters was Benedict Comberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock Holmes), plays the perfect villain opposite of Chis Pine’s Jim Kirk. I thought I should keep the identity of his character secret, however if you have seen the older movies, you will know who he plays. 

The movie is fast paced and action packed but still has time to make the audience laugh and cry. Starting off with what you believe is a no-win scenario and finishing with San Francisco skyline zipping past as Zachery Quinto’s Spock shows no restrain in beating Comberbatch’s character. 

The down side to any sci-fi movie is that they lack female characters in strong roles. Save for Aliens, Terminator, and Hunger Games there are very few strong female characters in sci-fi who don’t have to play sidekick to a guy. The previews attached to the movie had male dominated story lines: Elysium, Ender’s Game, & Man of Steel.  The two women who did have a role in the story were there to humanize the male characters. Zoe Saldana’s Nyota Uhura still in a relationship with Spock plays the role well and does show her courage when faced up against a band of Klingons. However the other women added to the cast Alice Eve’s Carol Wallace plays little more then a pretty blond for Kirk to rescue. It is hard to be angry since Urhura’s role in this Star Trek is much stronger and well rounded then her role in the original series, it is a step in the right direction. However not far enough when you consider it being the future. 

I would recommend  if you are only going to see this movie once to see it in 3D there are some great scenes that use the technology well. It is expensive, where I live its $18.50. However if you are only watching the movie once it is worth the entertainment value alone. If you desire to go to the restroom during the film I recommend when Kirk is “falling”. You will know what I mean when you see it. Enjoy the film and thanks for reading.

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