Review: Movie: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 IMAX poster1

Iron Man 3 is the third movie in the Iron Man franchise and the first movie for Disney/Marvel after the hugely successful Marvel’s The Avengers movie last year (released May 4th 2012). I loved The Avengers, fun action packed with some drama on the side, it was a good summer blockbuster. I enjoyed Captain America, but felt Thor and the Iron Man franchise was lacking. I am one of the few people who did not like the first Iron Man and because it was released on my birthday weekend reluctantly went to see Iron Man 2, someone else bought the tickets. When I saw the previews for Iron Man 3 it did not encourage me to see the movie. Even though I am known as the resident geek culture nerd at work everyone thought I had gone crazy when I said I was not going to the midnight screening of Iron Man 3

I really tried to go into the theatre open minded. When the theatre brightened again after the “marvel extra scene” rolled I felt exactly like Bruce Banner, they lost me on the elevator. The “twist” of a bad guy, which had been done in Dark Knight Rises where the face of evil is being run by someone behind the scenes was not surprising to me. The redemption story of the playboy with post traumatic stress disorder is being done better on CW with the new show Arrow. The women going evil, was done in Dark Knight Rises. The unique parts about the movie, Pepper Potts getting powers, was resolved in one sentence off screen in a voice over. 

I really tried to find something I liked about this movie. I guess I am more of a dark story line like Arrow or Dark Knight Rises fan, then 1960’s Batman happy go-lucky Avengers style superhero movie. I am looking forward to Captain America: Winter Soldier, Thor will have to give me a little more of its plot for me to get excited about it. My one reason to go to the movie was because of my enjoyment of Robert Downey Jr.‘s acting, I enjoyed that part just not the character he was playing on screen. 

I personally think you can see the same redemption story written better on TV in the form of Arrow and the bad guy “twist” was done in The Dark Knight Rises. I was not impressed with the third installation of Iron Man.

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