Review: Movie: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

 GI Joe Retaliation 27

This movie is one of those sequels you thought would never be made because the first one was so bad.  You knew however it would be made because its based off of a toy line from the 80’s and well the rest is “dollar signs in hollywood eye’s” history.  Unlike Transformers 4 where they are trying to connect the dots from the last three movies yet make it different or Tron Legacy where it happens 20 years in the future with a totally new cast, Retaliation fails to understand what didn’t work in the first one and brings all the worst parts forward into the sequel.

To understand how bad this movie was I will have to go back to the original. First of all Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum were in the first movie most don’t remember because JGL was under used and Channing was the typical bad boy turned hero stereotype. They worked with what they had which was not very good. Yet when they decided to make the sequel they killed off their main character; this plot was revealed in the previews for last years release date so it is not a spoiler. They add three more unknown characters which we really don’t know or care about at all; that was not a good idea 

In what I am guessing was quickly added scenes to make up for the death of the character that was “developed” in the first movie, we see Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum in some very awkward comedy scenes in the first 30 min of the movie,  that did not work. Then they kill Channing’s character Duke and in a scene that should have been emotionally hard was not. I did not feel anything from Duke’s death and that is not the actor’s fault. Also JGL was not Cobra Command, they immediately covered his face and “darth vadered” his voice so that it did not have to be him. 

So the two things that made the first movie palatable they killed off or didn’t even use in this movie, yet they continued with the plot from the last movie. It was badly written and not even the actions scenes could give me a reason to encourage anyone to pay for tickets to see this movie. 

I do not recommend this movie for anyone.

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