Compare & Contrast :TV Shows: CBS Elementary & BBC Sherlock

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I am writing about something I am passionate about those who reject a show/plot/change in a franchise before they even see it on screen. I have seen a lot of people immediately reject the new CBS murder mystery show Elementary as butchering the original Sherlock Holmes stories; even before the first episode was released. The reason (among others) that I wanted to hold my judgement was because they chose to make Dr. Watson a women; that Lucy Liu was playing. I will try any version of Sherlock Holmes once, I have even sat through young Sherlock Holmes  (I survived somehow). I am a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast but not a purist. 

I will not admit that the BBC version of Sherlock is better then the Americanized Hollywood version. They are two very different interpretations one based in the time period the stories were written the other being a modernized version of those timeless murder mysteries. This is where the comparison between Elementary and BBC’s Sherlock does not make sense to me. Let me explain it in my terms. Bare with me it might seem I am going way off the subject but believe me there is a point. 

10 Things I Hat About You is loosely based off of the Shakespeare play Much To Do About Nothing. Some names are the same, they talk about Shakespeare in the background and there is a modern interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. But they did not say that they were trying to copy word-for-word Shakespeare’s comedy.  Elementary is the same way; the producers, writers, and actors are not trying to recreate Sherlock Holmes in the modern day. Elementary is loosely based off of the most famous consulting detective in London in the 19th century. 

The Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet was advertised and spoken as a modern version of the tragedy. BBC’s Sherlock is described, written and believed to be Sherlock and Watson in the 21st century. That is what people wish to see and for all intense and purposes the writers, producers and directors have succeeded. 

I have only seen two episodes of Elementary, there are two seasons of three episodes clocking in at 1 hr and 30 each for BBC’s Sherlock. There is a lot more too evaluate, discuss, and breakdown for BBC then CBS. Once the first season ends (or it gets canceled) then will I go back and see if the hatred for CBS’s Elementary was appropriate. 

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