Review: Movie: Brave

IMG 0180Title: Brave

Studio: Pixar & Disney

Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, and Steve Purcell

Genre: Animated, Family & Kids, Adventure

Voice Talent: Kelly MacDonald as Merida, Billy Connolly as Fergus, and Emma Thompson as Elinor

Brave is Pixar’s summer movie. Pixar makes a movie ever year, for the last 10 they have been on the top of the charts and have not disappointed with there great story telling and animation. Cars 2 was there first disappointing film since their incarnation. Brave does not disappoint in the beauty of the animation, the invention of new animation technology used; however it does disappoint in the story. I would have to be honest and state that I had very high expectations of this movie, like everyone who loves pixar’s unique story telling style. Everyone wanted to know how pixar was going to do two things it had never done before: female protagonist and a fairy tale. They did a good job at the separate parts of these genres, Merida is one of the strongest and bravest “Disney Princesses” however she is also stuck in a overused and over done fairy tale story. The movie is hurt by the predictability of the story because it had been told before, by other studios, authors and directors. I remember doing a middle school play called Robin Hood 2 that had the same exact plot and reading a Greek mythology that had the same story. However I went into the movie wanting Pixar to do something different to make it unique, because honestly Wall-E is just a romance if you take out the post-apocalyptic setting and that he is a robot. I wanted Pixar to make princesses cool and take storytelling with a female protagonist to the next level. I was unhappy with the results.

Surprisingly enough I will still recommend this film. Why? Because it is beautiful, it has a good story, Merida is very strong and brave. There are parts of the story that are unique like the relationship between the mother and daughter, also the antagonist is not who you suspect it to be until the end. I feel like there is too much going on. If Pixar did just a fairy tale or just a female protagonist this might have been a more successful film, as it is kids will enjoy it and there is enough laughs for adults to have fun too.

Recommended for kids 4-104!

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