Review: Movie: The Avengers

The Avengers Poster

I have taken my time to write this because I wanted to make sure I truly knew what I thought about this movie.  I consider it at the moment one of the best comic book/ensemble cast movies of the past five years. However there are some issues I have with the movie and I will try and explain why I am not completely positive about a movie that I was very excited for. 

First let me give some background. My birthday seems to fall on the now marvel/disney owned first weekend of May (may 4th). This made Thor and Spiderman 3 fall on or around my birthday. I love going to see movies so I was not disappointed by The Avengers coming out on my birthday. I decided to ask my co-workers and friends to join me. I went to the midnight screening at the “best” screen in my area, XD 3D, in all it’s glory. That began my birthday celebration, that night I saw it again with about 12 of my friends in 2D.  On Saturday I went to a screening with my best friends of ten-plus years and that was in 3D. I enjoyed every showing for different reasons, and like how I noticed something different every time I saw The Hunger Games, these screenings were no different. 

If you are going to see The Avengers only once see it in 3D. Though I don’t usually advocate 3D I thought it works well for what it did, however you do not loose anything in the 2D. Also there are TWO end scenes after the credit not one, make sure you wait if you want the entire experience of the movie. 

Now about the movie itself, I will try not to give anything away. The dynamics and the dialogue between the four arguably seven main characters was very well done. Each one got there time to shine and arguably the women, Black Widow, saved the day for all the men involved. The main characters were ones that you had been introduced to in earlier movies: Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. I have already written my opinions on those three films, my reactions to the characters were the same. 

Iron Man still was not explored enough to explain why he decided to do his final act. He is a self absorbed character, played very well by Robert Downey Jr. however you don’t get any sense of profound change in him throughout the film. I know the movies tried to explain his going from seller of warheads to hero wearing armor but I did not think the films did a good job, in my mind he is Iron Man for no really good reason. 

 Thor was almost the most important character because it was his brother (no blood relations) who was the one trying to destroy the world with his borrowed faceless army of minions (not the cute one’s from Despicable me). Chris Hemsworth does a good job of showing his trepidation for attacking his brother at the beginning and realizing his brother has to be dealt with by the end. The worst part of his story is that they had a throw-away scene where the basically state, sorry no more money to pay for a cameo from Natalie Portman, here is a picture of her to satisfy the fans. 

Captain America is my favorite character and he still is because to me he is the most interesting. Though they don’t play on the fish out of water as much as I would have liked, the small things like the wizard of oz and electricity jokes were a nice touch. Of course I am looking forward to a second Captain America film not just because it would mean more Chris Evans time on screen but….who am I kidding? He was great again as the super solider and perfect against the too cocky Tony Stark

Last but certainly not least is The Hulk, or as most people will see him through out the movie Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo stole the show, every person I have talked to has said that they loved his character. I enjoyed the dynamics that went around Tony and Bruce being geniuses as well as having Bruce be a brooding just under the skin angry “mad scientist” in the best possible way. I really would love to see Mark in his own Hulk movie and I am sure that Marvel/Disney will be making one soon. 

Loki was the evil villain in the movie, he has a army of minions that he uses to start destroying New York (what a surprise! *sarcasm*). Played beautifully evil by Tom Hiddleston they did a perfect job at making him seem still human even though he reminded the characters too often that he was a god. 

The action was of course the best part of the film, the last act was a blue print for how any good action movie should be done. Giving everyone even the mortal humans the ability to shine and have there five minutes of glory.   All around a good action comic book movie. However I am still looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit beating my expectations even more then what this movie has done.  

I would recommend this film to movie goes young and old, no prior knowledge of franchises required.

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