Review: Movie: John Carter


When I first saw the previews for John Carter all I could think about was how much it looked like the Luke/Rancor scene from Return of the Jedi with a little bit of the Gladiator thrown in. The premise of the movie was as ludicrous as Cowboys & Aliens but the look was like Avatar and the new Star Wars films. The preview did not lie.
The movie John Carter is based off of a book, I was not surprised when I heard this. However I did not jump on the opportunity to read the book, I wanted to go into the theatre blind. Unlike my usually saturated knowledge of the story and characters of the movie I am watching. I wanted to be a regular movie goer. The movie is beautiful. Mars looks like Tatooine, and like any desert water is sacred. Unfortunately the comparisons continue from there. The plot is a mixture of Cowboys & Aliens and Avatar, down to the ending being almost exactly like Avatar. The main character John Carter, is a military man, he is from Virginia and was a confederate solider in “the war.” He lost his family, daughter and wife, and now works only for himself, “he does not fight anyone’s war.” The women the only one who he could obviously fall in love with looks human except for red tattoos all over her body. She is a scientist, the only way the audience could learn anything about the planet they were on with out being completely confused. She also is a “princess of mars” what a surprise. We are also introduced to another race of aliens, these are the ones who are taller then humans, have different appendages and there skin is colored differently. No I am not talking about the Navii, in this movie the aliens are the stereotypical green.
The plot revolves around one human looking race trying to take over another, and being manipulated by another race (that looks human) that has a sick love of watching planets being destroyed. There is a little bit of superman built into the story, since John Carter can jump long distances and has much greater strength then the human looking aliens on Mars. That fascinates all the aliens on Mars and is how John Carter survives most of the movie, because he is stronger then everyone else.
Unfortunately for me John Carter did not give me what I wanted. I wanted something unique and different. The beauty in the artistic design of the planet and the ships can not out weigh the reused, over-used plot and character designs. John Carter is an action Sci-fi movie, however it is like every other action sci-fi movie that came before it. I can not even recommend it for its design elements it’s not worth it just on that merit alone. I do not recommend going to see John Carter.

One thought on “Review: Movie: John Carter

  1. I thought this was a really solid movie, in fact good. I mean the novel this was based on was practically the originator of most sci-fi books and film. I think Kitsch did a great job as well, (people associate him with bad movies but he is a good actor). Great review and I love your site.

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