Review: Movie: Attack The Block


Attack the Block is a British import that I have been hearing about all summer.  When I first heard about the film I was curious and immediately looked up an USA release. Only big cities (not DC) were posted so I resigned to wait for a Netflix release. However last week I learned through twitter that Attack the Block was coming to DC and immediately made plans to go see it as soon as possible.  I went with two other friends.  We all enjoyed this movie and we do not always agree on movies.

This film directed by Joe Cornish uses a concept that Hollywood seems to have forgotten, unknown actors are the best way to make a film unique and fun.  The best example this summer from Hollywood is Super 8; all the children in the movie were unknowns and they were what everyone talked about. They are one of the best parts of the movie, though the story is heart wrenchingly nostalgic for some.  Attack The Block is about an alien invasion, but you have no such moments like ET and Super 8 between alien and main character.  Attack the Block is a fun, action packed R rated movie that brings fun back into the “aliens attack” genre that has been saturated by duds for the past few years.

The story is about a gang of young boys 13-15 years old who control an area of inner city London called The Block. When aliens invade their “turf” they attack back, the only way they know how with violence.  I will have to say this movie is R rated for a reason there are some gruesome scenes. The aliens are unique in the way they are portrayed and the characters are not all cardboard cut outs.

If there was one thing I have to complain about it would be that everything in the first act foreshadows something that happens in the second act.  You could figure out the story if you wanted to in the first 30 min of the movie, however now a days you can say that for most movies since they are all based on a few basic tropes. This movie was a redemption story for our main character 15 year old Moses played exceptionally by John Boyega.  The only recognizable actor in the entire film was Nick Frost who played a small role.

I would recommend this film to everybody but it is rated R and for good reason.  So appropriately I must say that you should be accompanied by an adult if you are under 17.

One thought on “Review: Movie: Attack The Block

  1. I would agree Christina with most of your comments. I went to see the movie on Friday with my brother. I usually do not go to horror films but he talked me into it. One thing that stood out was the excellent use Hitchcockian camera-work and other slight-of-hand tricks in order to properly effectuate suspense. With lower budget movies like this one, the filmmakers have to be creative and use the old “smoke and mirrors” techniques because they do not have a budget for CG or special effects. I also enjoyed the acting performances as well as the social commentary about the forgotten underclass in London. The fact that Moses is the main character’s name is both allegorical and symbolic. Surprisingly, the film did not take an overly-liberal slant and trivialize the theft or petty crimes that the boys engaged in on a regular basis. I appreciate the fact that it did hold the boys accountable. But the film was obviously making a larger statement at the end about classism and subjugation when the boys were being wrongly incarcerated.


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