Review: Movie: Cowboys & Aliens

Cowboys and aliens poster 535x791

This movie had a lot going for it. Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Harison Ford have proved themselves in this genre action/adventure/sci-fi before.  That is why they chose these actors for this confusing titled movie.  Those I know who refuse to go to this movie usually make the comment that they don’t know what its about.  The title does say it all, it is about cowboys vs aliens.  There is nothing more to the plot.  You could go through the movie and point out all the re-done, over done and re-imagined Western tropes that are in this film.  A man we have no background knowledge of, Daniel Craig, comes to town. A women who is too interested in him and seems to know more then she is letting on, Olivia Wilde, wears a gun. Then their is the owner of the town who controls the sheriff and the biggest posse of gun-totting men, Harison Ford, who “everyone” is afraid of.

I would have shown the aliens to advertise this film better.  They are without a doubt evil to the core and have no redeeming qualities.  Though that is another Western trope to have an enemy that is so evil even the unlawful and the lawful men find a common ground to work together to fight a common enemy.  The action was good, however we don’t see any good combat fighting from either Daniel Craig or Harison Ford.  Both of these actors have done some great shoot-em up battles in past movies that almost always end with fists fights.  That does not happen in this movie, Daniel Craig only gets close enough twice to a man to hit him and one of those men is Harison Ford.  Ford for his characters part does not fight except with a gun at a long distance from the enemy, I understand why the enemy is much faster then them, however it is disapointing.

I would recomend this to those who enjoy action packed shoot-em-up movies.  The western tropes abound and the last good western hollywood released was True Grit in ’09. I was undrewhelmed by some of the plot points especially the ones surrounding Olivia Wilde’s character.  This movie thank goodness is not in 3D and does not need to be.  I enjoyed it for what is was an action western with aliens as the enemy.

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