Review: Movie: Captain America

Captain america poster

There are reasons why I go to midnight screenings of action movies like Captain America. The camaraderie of the fans, those who go to technically the first screening of the movie, the reactions of  “the fans” to parts of the story a passerby would not understand, and of course the cheering or clapping at the intro to a character or end of a movie.  When I saw the first transformers movie, every time Optimus Prime was introduced the audience clapped.  Watching a movie with those of like mind is fun and enjoyable.  TIf you wait until after *ALL* the credits run you will get  a look at the next big comic movie by marvel. We also saw previews to the New Amazing Spider-Man movie (I am not impressed), Abduction (Taylor Lautner kicking ass) and Mission Impossible Ghost Patrol (unless I am told its the greatest thing since Star Trek, not going).  I saw the movie in 3D the effects were not as impressive as Transformers: Dark Side or Avatar, the only thing that “pops-out” at you is when Cap throws the shield.  So if your going to see it I would not waste the money on 3D.

I was impressed with the films actors, especially Chris Evans who has come a long way from being the “funny guy” in both Fantastic Four and The Losers.  He plays Steve Rogers straight to the point where we feel for him as he is pushed into rolls he does not fully enjoy.  The movie has great action scenes, though it is strange for a man who shows all the powers of Superman but carries a gun.  There are two montage scenes that if they weren’t making the Avengers next year, would have made perfect trilogy of films.  That is my most persistant gripe of the entire movie, it went too quickly.  I am not spoiling anything when I say that the Avengers the next movie you will see Captain America in takes place in 2011 but the characters we learn to love and hate in this film are all from 70 years in the past.  You know what that means, all the other characters this movie has tried to define and give more then cardboard cut out characteristics (which they accomplish well)  are gone in the next film.

Over all I was not disapointed, I will go see the film again on my own time, which is more then I can say for any marvel movie since Spider-man.  However as I stated in my Thor review this mostly feels like a dot on the map towards the Avengers movie, not a stand alone story. Unfortunatly I like Captain America but none of the other characters in the Avengers, so is there really a reason for me to go see the movie in the theatre or just wait for the rental on netflix?  Well have to wait and see, The Avengers comes out on my b-day May 4th 2012.

One thought on “Review: Movie: Captain America

  1. Hi Christina…this is Brent. We met at the Apple Computer Store. I enjoyed your review. Yes, those montage scenes were nice. It will be interesting to see how the writers of the Avengers use the 70-year gap Captain America experiences to perhaps add texture and give some inner conflict to the character. Perhaps when he wakes up seventy years in the future and he isn’t so enthusiastic about being an Avenger because everything and, most importantly, everyone who was important to him is back in the past. I’m curious though: why don’t you like any of the other characters in the Avengers?

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