Review: Movie: Transformers Dark of the Moon


In 2007 the Transformers Franchise was given a Michael Bay action movie to add to its cartoon and multimillion dollar toy industry. Most fans are hoping that the latest sequel, third in the franchise is the last of the Michael Bay directed and Steven Spielberg produced films. I was a fan of the franchise in the 80’s, I watched the many iterations of the show, from cars, to animals, and from earth to alien planets. I was in line at midnight for the first film as well as the second film. As most would admit the second movie in the franchise was not good, and a disappointment. However the third addition to the franchise is a welcome improvement to the second movie and though not as good as the first, close to the standards that the first film created.
Most Alien vs Earth films have the government being the evil dictator, non-understanding politician that controls the military and gets rid of the aliens in one way or another (Super 8 is a great example). However from the first film to the third the military has had a unique role in this franchise, they are actually part of the solution not the problem. The politicians, the executive branch, and those who are not on the front lines fighting against the evil aliens think they know best, but at the end of the day (film) they do not. The military in the image of Captain Lennox (now high ranking military in the third movie) and Air force’s Lieutenant Epps are heroes and have a fan following of their own even though they were not in the original cartoons. The Autobots work with them in the government funded secret program that was introduced in the second film called NEST. Captain Lennox is basically the liaison between the United States Government and the Autobots. However he always has to answer to a government politician, this film is no different. Unlike the last politician that tried to take over the NEST operations, the women in this film who is “in charge” has some redeeming quality and is not a total idiot.
The action in this movie is what really shines. Not only was it entirely filmed in 3D, it is with out a doubt the best live-action 3D movie since Avatar. They created some amazing technology filming this movie that will be used in years to come to try and keep the caliber of 3D as good as it was in Avatar. If you have read my other reviews you know that I do not like 3D movies and would prefer not paying the extra three bucks to go see a technology that was added as an afterthought. However in this film it was a fore-thought and it shows in the last 50 minutes of the film. Like we have come to expect from Michael Bay; the last hour is as gut wrenching and action packed as possible. From the military taking the fight to the Desepticons, to Sam Witwicky actually using in fists in a fight, and to the death of a very beloved character, the last hour is a great ride. However the movie is almost 3 hours long.
The story line is not perfect, the script is not well done, the acting is sub-par and it was written as if the second movie never happened (especially since Sam’s girl friend is new). However this movie was not billed as an academy award winning masterpiece, it was billed as an action film and that is what it is. If you go into this theatre expecting quality script writing and challenging conventions, then you will be bitterly disappointed. However if you go in expecting to be entertained, then I believe you will leave with a smile on your face and your heart still beating fast. I recommend this movie to all fans of the franchise, those kids new to the franchise and those who like actions movies. I recommend 3D if you are going to see this movie only once; however remember it is three hours long if you get a headache from a regular hour and a half movie then you will not be comfortable in this film.

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