Review: Movie: Cars 2


In every pixar movie I have gone to from Toy Story with the bouncing ball to the chess playing man to the snow globe adventures, I have looked forward to the short films in front of the movie. Cars 2 was no exception, this time however I was looking for a trailer as well. Next years Disney Pixar’s addition to the summer blockbuster is going to be a film simply called Brave. I know a little more then the preview actually teased, but I’ll let you make up you mind about it. The short at the front of Cars 2 was hilarious as well and hopefully cured disney of adding anymore to the Toy Story franchise I don’t need a fourth movie for nostalgia and they can survive off of original stories for revenue.
I had to re-watch Cars to remind me of all the different characters in this film, like Toy Story it has more of an ensemble cast then one individual being the hero. This story was more about To Mater instead of Lightning McQueen. The part that really won in this movie was the animation and the scenery. Re-watching Cars made me realize how far Pixar animation has gone in a few short years. The four places the story takes place in Radiator Springs, Japan, Italy, and London all have their own unique style. Like Sully’s eyes watering in Monster’s Inc or the detail gone into to make everything cars based in the first Cars film Pixar’s animators went through and made sure every detail worked for the story they were writing and drawing. Each country was beautiful to see rendered in Pixar’s animators unique way.
Like most animated movies that have 3D attached to them, I did not find myself wanting when I saw the ole’ 2D. I would not buy 3D tickets for this film. I would recommend this film to any kid ages 4 to 104.

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