Review: Movie: Green Lantern

Green lantern movie poster

Review: Green Lantern

Opened: June 17, 2011

Run Time: 105 min

Genre: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

Rated: PG-13

Actors: Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan

Blake Lively as Carol Ferris

Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond

and Mark Strong as Sinestro

Comic book movies are based on books that were called in the 1800’s Penny Dreadfuls. Comic Books are now more acclaimed for their artistic work then the words coming from the characters on the page. For this reason, most Superhero movies are just entertaining, they don’t challenge the status quo or make you cry.  There are exceptions, Daredevil was abysmal, Electra and Catwomen were attempts to place a female Superhero on the big screen and failed. The successful Superhero movies (one hero, one name, one franchise) were Spider-man and Batman Marvel and DC respectively.  The only reason they succeed is they took the “quirky superhero” style of the comics and made them “dark”.  We are holding our collective breaths in hopes that Nolan’s Batman III is better then Super-man 3.

Going into Green Lantern I knew about the character Hal Jordan and his ring of will-power from the comic books that I had read.  So I was not as new to the character or franchise as I was going into Iron Man 1 & 2 and Thor.  The movie was entertaining, it gave me what I wanted out of a Superhero movie.  A character flawed and imperfect at the beginning who is given a chance to prove himself.  Whether he finds the strength from his own background with his father, his best friend, or his girl friend he is able to overcome fear.

You will want to stay after the first part of the credits.  Like all Superhero movies of this age, there is an extra scene. Unlike Marvel you do not have to wait to the very end to see it.  I did not go into the movie expecting a script as well written as Nolan’s Batman or  storytelling like Super 8.  We are introduced to the hero in this story and shown his flaws that will get him in trouble with other reoccurring characters (if you know the franchise you know who I mean). We also see him prove that he deserves the ring.

I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants to see an entertaining show. If you do not want to be challenged, scared, or moved into crying; then this is the movie you should see this weekend.

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