Review: Movie: Kung-Fu Panda


Review: Kung-Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Opened: May 26, 2011

Run Time: 90 min

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Rated: PG-13

CastJack BlackPo (voice)

Angelina JolieTigress (voice) 

Dustin HoffmanShifu (voice)

Gary OldmanShen (voice)

After the disappointment in Ice Age and the last two movies in the Shrek franchise I was a little apprehensive about seeing Dreamwork‘s sequel to Kung-Fu Panda.  Like the Toy Story franchise they just added a number to the title. The writers do a great job of connecting you with the characters; you laugh and cry with and for the characters on the screen. The movie is not all Jack Black’s improv like the first one, this story gives you the background of Po the Panda.

Everyone who watched the first film knew that Po’s “father” wasn’t really his father. In this movie we find out how the tofu making goose and the Kung-Fu loving panda met and how Po finds out who he really is. I enjoyed the voice acting and the playfulness of the movie even in it’s darkest moments. You will rarely see me suggest paying for 3D, this was the exception if you only go once pay for the higher price. The film does a good job of having the 3D mean something and certain scenes would be less exuberant with out the effect.  I would recommend this film to all who enjoyed the first film and wishes to take their entire family to a good movie.
recommended: Go See in Theatre if available see 3D

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